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Easter Sunday, 8 April, 2012


As I write this foreword, I am a chain-smoker, puffing away on 60-80 cigarettes a day. And thoroughly enjoying each and every one. I don’t want to quit, but I have to. You see, on Friday, in just five days’ time, I am flying to the Far East for a part-holiday, part-working, trip. I can last about two hours, at an absolute push, without lighting up. The seventeen-and-a-half hours’ travelling time, plus the extra couple of hours at the airport for checking in and the security palaver before the flight leaves, would be absolute torture for me. I simply could not face it.

I was going to stop smoking today, but I’ve decided that I will enjoy a last day of smoking away to my heart’s content, before I stop. That will be tomorrow morning. That’s when I will take a herbal cure that will blast the nicotine out of my system and leave me with a clean sheet as though I had never started smoking… and that was a long time ago. Over 40 years in fact. At the end of four days, I can be with smokers, and it won’t bother me. I will simply have no desire to smoke. I won’t know why I ever did smoke, or what the attraction was. My system will be entirely rebooted and reprogrammed so smoking will not be something it knows, or cares, about.

The thing that is going to perform this life-changing miracle is the Lobelia herb. I could make this the shortest book in history by simply saying, “Go and buy some; take it for four days and you will have the same experience I am about to have.”

I am categorically not going to do that nor will I encourage you to do what I am about to do.
I will simply relate my experience with this incredible smoking cure from the first time I encountered it, by chance, some 30 years ago, right up to the present: to this week and that flight to the Far East. What you do with that information is entirely up to you. If you decide to try it, then, based on my experience, it will do for you exactly what it is going to do for me this week: turn me, a 60-80 cigarette-a-day chain-smoker, into a non-smoker.

As you will discover when you read this book, astonishingly, in terms of the cravings that defeat most people trying to quit smoking, my personal experience is that within a few minutes of taking the first dose of lobelia, there are no cravings whatsoever. It works that fast.


I will chart what happens to me from tomorrow morning until I take the last of the Lobelia, in real time, as it happens. Thus you will get an idea of what is involved as it is happening. And you may decide to do the same, or a variation of it. But I repeat: This is a personal account of my experiences. What you do with that information is entirely up to you.