Just over six months ago, I was an 80 cigarettes a day chain-smoker. I knew from experience many years ago that lobelia is a really effective quit smoking cure so I bought some and took it on the Easter weekend. It cured me of smoking without the need of willpower; there were no cravings or withdrawal symptoms, and I was clear of my nicotine addiction in just four days.

As I write this, more than six months later, not only have I not had a cigarette, I have not had a single craving since I quit.

I have not written a book just about my experiences with Lobelia, but included a detailed diary of taking the cure, as I took it. Ways2Quit, a leading international website devoted to smoking and healthy lifestyle issues, has published a review of “How a chain smoker quit smoking in four days flat” at this link:  http://waystoquit.org/quit-smoking-with-lobelia/

If you haven’t read the book, you will find the Foreword to it which sets the scene at this link.

If you have read the book, you will know that I felt it important to establish a website so that people can share their experiences about quitting smoking using Lobelia inflata and not necessarily by the exact same method I used which involved capsules. I only know of one other person, a mother in Kansas whom I have never met, who is on public record as taking this cure, albeit in a slightly different way to me, and it worked for her also but over a longer period because of the way she took it.

My aim with this website is to assemble enough anecdotal, if not scientific, evidence so that serious research is done which may lead to a standard formulation that works and which is easily available to all who want it, so that others don’t have to do what I did - guess at how much, how often, and in what format I should take the lobelia in order to quit within the four days.

There are other methods, aids, substitutes and cessation strategies to help people to stop smoking. I don’t have much experience of these but I am devoting this website to what I do know – using Lobelia to quit smoking cigarettes.

These are very early days for this website. I’m sure it will evolve and develop in ways I cannot predict right now. What is certain is that it will be driven by those who visit the site. So feel free to use the email link on the Contact Us tab to ask me any questions about my experiences or the book.

James N Hamilton