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31 Aug 2012

Try this - it's good and well worth a read!

It is worth buying this book if you are a smoker. It is a well thought-out, thought provoking read, written with humour and asks all the questions that hard-bitten smokers ask.
Wendy B Barr (www.facebook.com/wendy.b.barr) 23 Aug 2012


As a non-smoker I struggle to imagine how difficult it must be to quit. However, having seen people close to me struggle for years to quit, wrecking relationships in the process, I cannot help but agree wholeheartedly that more research into Lobelia would be money well spent. An extremely well-written and concise book.
Emma Northen 11 Aug 2012

Fascinating, funny....and surprising way to quit smoking

I had never heard of Lobelia as a cure for smoking, and was doubtful of the claim that it would eradicate the desire to smoke. I've known so many people who are hopelessly addicted, and they may try over and over to quit, but nothing works for them.

This is a fascinating read. The author knows he's an addict, goes through the motions of taking Lobelia to satisfy his wife's desire that he quit, then realizes he's actually cured. He's analytical,unemotional, yet blown away by the unexpected results.

Here in the US, Lobelia is unknown. Is this the result of the pharmaceutical industry's chokehold on smoking cessation 'cures' -- patches, pills, fake cigarettes? If you can find Lobelia, at $5 I think it's worth a try! And Hamilton's tale, while a little disturbing as he describes the initial 24-48 hours, makes me think this is the greatest secret out there.

Dinah Massie 18 July 2012

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