If you’re a smoker, like me, you’re probably tried to quit. Cold turkey can be hell, not just for you, but for everyone around you. I’ve tried nicotine gum but it’s expensive and doesn’t actually stop the nicotine addiction. Yes, you can wean yourself down to nothing. Fine in theory, but it just didn’t work for me because I needed a certain level of nicotine intake. I was delighted when eCigarettes came out and I bought one straight away. Problem is, they were a substitute for smoking and didn’t measure up to the real thing, however much I tried to convince myself. And, like gum or other cessation aids, they keep you hooked on nicotine, albeit in a way that is less damaging to your health.

There is no doubt that cold turkey and cessation aids work – if you have the willpower. I really admire those that do but I, like so many other people, just don’t have that level of willpower. Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy a load of willpower because then, quitting smoking would be a breeze.

And that’s what’s where lobelia comes in because if you quit with lobelia, you don’t need willpower. You don’t have cravings. Nor do you have bad moods. Unbelievable as it sounds, it’s like flicking a switch. In just four days of taking the lobelia, you’re done. It’s that quick and that’s it. You won’t be a smoker and you won’t have any desire to smoke. You will have a clean sheet, right back to the time before you lit your first ever cigarette, however many years, or decades, ago that was. And however heavy a smoker you were – I was an 80-a-day chain smoker, so if it worked for me, I have no doubt it will work for anyone.

In terms of cost, quitting with lobelia will cost you not much more than a single pack of cigarettes. And that’s it. You don’t need to buy any more.

In “How a chain smoker quit smoking in four days flat” I describe my experiences with lobelia. Not only that, I kept a log during the four days I was taking lobelia so you can see exactly what it was like.

So, can you expect a similar experience and be able to quit smoking in just four days? I’ve been contacted by many people who copied what I did and quit successfully. I believe anyone can achieve success with this method. Here’s one recent recommendation

By Lorena - Published on Amazon.com.

Thank you for writing your book. I purchased liquid lobelia and followed the same basic premise that you followed in the book. I quit on November 20th and did the full four days of lobelia. Then for the next three days I took a dose only if I was in a situation that I felt like I might be tempted to smoke. I made it through our Thanksgiving holiday with no trouble! It is amazing to me how quickly the lobelia worked to totally remove the nicotine addiction from the brain...literally I have NO desire to have a cigarette at all....even the habit is gone....which to me has been unbelievable...maybe once or twice I was on the phone and my hands felt really empty or jumped in the car and thought it was weird that I was not lighting up. It has now been 29 days and I feel like I have totally and completely kicked this habit for good. Still can't believe it only took four days!

For anyone that has tried in the past or are thinking about quitting you really need to read this book and then follow the basic premises that the author uses.